7th Annual BCF

Nov 4-5, 2020

Little Creek Mennonite Church

3491 Little Creek Rd, Frankfort, OH

After a busy year, our Compass Foundation team is looking forward to our annual Business Communications Forum. We hope you'll come to hear about the special highlight of our year, the Vision Phone project! 

Vision Phone & Sunbeam Wireless Launch

Full Day of Hands-on Training!

Wednesday, Nov 4

12:15 Registration and Seating

1:00 Welcome and Introductions

1:30 Devotional Inspiration - Dave Schwartz, Frankfort, OH

1:45 Connected for a Reason - Dean Martin,  Hagerstown, MD

God created man with the unique ability to connect with his marvelous creator. God had a reason for that. But Satan also had reasons to connect with man, and mankind fell for the devil’s devices. To this day, every connection made by man is for good reasons or for evil. That fact is of great significance in this age of information when connections are instant and universal. Who are we connected to? Who is controlling our connections? Why are we connected? There is a reason.

2:15 It Just Works, But How?  - Lavern Zimmerman,  Ephrata, PA

What once required an array of devices now can be done with one. To the user it just works! But how do the cogs and dials all line up to make this happen? Wireless communication is the foundation of it all. Apps involve Stores, Developers and Users. Bob and Alice need Security and Privacy. Everyone wants their information available on all devices and their Rolodex handy. This talk will take a high-level view at why mobile devices have been so transformative.

2:45 Androids (not) in Orbit  - Marvin Martin, Hagerstown, MD

The mobile ecology presents unbounded opportunities - both harmful and beneficial. The Plain Community has broadly recognized the need for structure and boundaries on the many interactions between devices, apps and networks. What demands does it place on filter projects like the ones managed by Compass Foundation? We’ll also review the challenging Android situation over the past few years.

3:15 Break 

3:30 Surveying the Handset Mountain  - Andy Balholm, Williams Valley, WA

That chocolate bar shaped slab in your hand…what’s inside of it? And what’s outside of it? Have you ever stopped to think about the network bands; the GPS satellites? Software must talk to Hardware, but what’s a Driver have to do with that? Then what did it take to approve of that slab? Nations and companies want a chance to certify it. We’ll do a deep dive into the features any cell phone must have and the regulatory hurdles it must overcome to get to market.

4:00 Introducing the Vision Phone Project  - David Burkholder, Vineland, NJ

The Vision phone project is the largest thing Compass Foundation has tackled yet. Come and see, handle and learn about the new Vision Phone, shaped from the factory by the values of the Plain Community.

4:30 Introducing Sunbeam Wireless  - Stirling Martin, Versailles, MO

Sunbeam Wireless was founded in 2018. Our mission is manufacturing phones that don't have near-constant internet access. As cell phone manufacturers focus on adding more features, we are providing alternatives for those who may not need or want the smartphone device format. 

5:00 Supper

Evening Session

6:00 Registration and Seating

6:30 The Vision Phone Ecology  - David Burkholder, Vineland, NJ

A phone is nothing without the surrounding ecology. The mobile expectations of general society present concerns across the Plain Community. But what if we build out a mobile services according to our values instead? Come see live demos of this part of the Vision Phone project, and join in the open discussion.

7:30 Metaphors Have Consequences  - James Martin, Versailles, MO

Communications technology changes have occurred within living memory. Many of us haven’t grown up knowing of email or cell phones. So the subject abounds with opportunities to misunderstand. Choosing our metaphors carefully goes a long way toward a Scriptural handling of the issue. We’ll discuss the difficulties of communicating about communications technology and also introduce our Drawbridge branding.

8:00 Finding Safety in Diversity  - Neil Burkholder, Ashland, OH

Why are there differing technology standards among plain churches if we all claim to be led by the same Spirit? How do we decide what is acceptable for our church or household? Can we profit from the input of others? Let's endeavor to utilize the best practices of many different groups to protect all souls from exposure and defeat in the information age.

Thursday, Nov 5

8:00 Welcome and Setup

8:30 Where are my Devices?   - Aaron Zeiset, Mercersburg, PA

Could we have all our devices on one server? Why do you recommend an on-premise server - shouldn’t a cloud server be cheaper? We’ll discuss the pros and cons of the centralized cloud approach and share tips on managing devices across multiple servers.

9:15 Help Me Access This Site!   James Martin, Versailles, MO

The page is Blocked!! Autofixing and submitting block incidents for human review improves the experience for everyone. What happens behind the scenes? What does “Too many ignored categories” mean? Take a tour of the lifecycle of a Human Review request and learn about the Preference settings that shape how Autofixing works.

9:45 Break

10:00 Introducing the Odoo Portal   Denver Risser, Quakertown, PA

I need to enroll a laptop without contacting Compass! We’ve heard this many times, and have worked to answer that request. Setup technicians now have the option to set up laptops and devices, send MapleLeaf commands to devices, and more! You’ll be logged in to our Odoo portal and follow along throughout this overview.

11:00 What Happened Here? Reports...   Dennis Petre, Moulton, AL

Where’s my monthly usage report? How can I check on it in the Console? Brother John needs a copy of mine; can I send it to him? We’ll take a tour of the various reporting features of the Log Cabin console, including static reports and Drilldown views.

11:30 Q&A  

12:00 Lunch Break

  1:00 Enrolling Vision Phones   Timothy Byler, Oroville, CA

I have a shiny new Vision Phone! Or a member in my congregation had his phone get driven over by the skid loader. What workflow is involved in setting up a new Vision phone in mobile device management?

  1:45 A Well-Stocked App Store   - JD Martin, Mount Sidney, VA

Every device today from servers to desktops to tablets to phones needs apps and updates thereof. We’ll learn how iOS self-serve app stores work, and introduce the all-new CloudBerry App Store for Android. These smaller curated app stores present a lower risk of unwanted exposure to popular culture and should be safe to leave enabled on your devices. We’ll also discuss ways to access the larger app stores as needed.

2:15 Setting Your (Packet) Priorities   - Marvin Martin, Hagerstown, MD

Packets, unlike people, are not created equal - at least not of equal priority. Some packets will be resent when an error occurs. Others die permanently. We’ll discuss how the QoS module helps improve the responsiveness of your network, and the clarity of your VOIP phone systems.

2:45 Break

3:00 I Need to Watch this Video   - Alvin Yoder, Leburn, KY

Some videos play and others don’t! Does Compass filter Youtube and Vimeo? How can the Media Room help me? The video question is a complex one; if a picture is worth 1,000 words how many words is 60 pictures per second worth? Take a tour of the various options for filtered video access.

3:45 Open Session
Oh no! Is this all you have? The program doesn’t include a topic I specifically want to hear. Not to worry; we’ll take suggestions for topics from the audience and have impromptu demos and tutorials to try to answer every question that might come.

5:00 Dismissal